At Lionsoft Limited, we are passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve peak performance through technology. We offer a wide range of solutions, from implementing user-friendly booking systems and CRMs to creating stunning online portfolios and custom ERP systems. We can even help you design a user-friendly website that attracts customers and simplifies internal operations with robust management systems.

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Some of our projects include:


Lionsoft Document Management System

Welcome to the future of document management! Lionsoft Limited is excited to bring you the Lionsoft Document Management System – a powerful, self-hosted solution designed to meet all your document management needs.


  • Unlimited Users and Document Uploads: Collaborate freely without worrying about limits.
  • Advanced Document Control: Share, track, and manage documents with ease.
  • Integration with Amazon S3: Reliable and scalable cloud storage.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Multilingual support for a global user base.
  • Full Source Code Access: Tailor the system to your specific requirements.


  • One-Time License Fee: $999 (SME’s)
  • Optional Annual Maintenance and Support Fee: $199/year

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Welcome to Lionsoft LegalTech Solutions: Transforming Legal Practice

Are you a tech-savvy lawyer or a forward-thinking law firm looking to revolutionize the way you manage your legal practice? You’re in the right place! Our Advocate Office Management System (AOMS) is designed for the modern legal professional – dynamic, tech-savvy, and committed to delivering the best legal services.

Why Choose Our Advocate Office Management System(AOMS)?

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our AOMS leverages the latest technology to streamline your legal practice, making you more efficient, organized, and productive.

All-in-One Solution: Say goodbye to managing multiple tools. Our AOMS integrates case management, HR, billing, legal research, and more into a single, user-friendly platform.

Tailored for You: Whether you’re a tech-savvy young lawyer, a hip law firm, or a seasoned senior advocate, our system adapts to your unique needs. It’s intuitive for the young guns and powerful for the experienced.

Mobile-Ready: Access your practice from anywhere, anytime. Our AOMS is mobile-responsive, ensuring you’re always connected to your cases.

Data Security: Your client data is of utmost importance. We take data security seriously, so you can trust your confidential information is safe with us.

Exceptional Support: Our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every step. We believe in delivering unmatched customer service.

**Join the Lionsoft LegalTech Revolution**

Ready to join the LegalTech revolution? It’s time to embrace the future of legal practice. Discover the ultimate tool that brings innovation and efficiency to your law firm. Get started today!



Revolutionize your hospital with a complete solution that streamlines operations and enhances patient care.

Introducing the most comprehensive HMS in Kenya!

Say goodbye to:

  • Scattered data and inefficient workflows
  • Long wait times and frustrated patients
  • Errors in billing and inventory management

Embrace a future-proof system with:

  • Unified Dashboard: Gain real-time insights into your entire hospital operation.
  • Patient Smart Cards: Empower patients with contactless check-in, appointment booking, and payments.
  • Comprehensive User Management: Simplify staff roles with features for appointments, IPD/OPD management, billing, and more.
  • Advanced Features:
    • Bed Management for optimal room allocation.
    • Blood Bank Management for efficient blood storage and distribution.
    • Secure Document Storage for easy access to patient records.
    • Doctor’s Portal for streamlined consultations, prescriptions, and diagnoses.
    • Financial Reporting for informed decision-making.
    • Front Office and CMS Integration for a seamless patient experience.
    • Transparent Hospital Charges displayed clearly.
    • Real-time Inventory Management to avoid stockouts.
    • Live Consultations for increased patient convenience.
    • Centralized Management of Medicines, Pathology Reports, Radiology Services, and Vaccinations.
    • Customizable SMS/Mail Settings to keep patients informed.

Invest in a system designed to:

  • Boost Patient Satisfaction with shorter wait times and improved communication.
  • Increase Staff Productivity with streamlined workflows and centralized data.
  • Strengthen Financial Performance with efficient billing and inventory management.


In today’s competitive educational landscape, optimizing efficiency and streamlining processes are crucial for success. Lionsoft Limited introduces Coluni, a comprehensive College/University Management System designed to empower your institution with a smart and complete academic management solution.

Coluni caters to institutions of all sizes, from universities to colleges, institutes, training centers, and academies. Whether you offer courses in semesters, trimesters, quadmesters, or yearly formats, Coluni seamlessly adapts to your needs. Coluni simplifies processes and empowers your staff. From admissions and enrollments to student records and course management, Coluni streamlines every aspect of your institution’s operations.

From Admissions to Graduation, Coluni Manages It All:

  • Online Student Applications: Simplify the application process with user-friendly online forms.
  • Streamlined Admissions: Manage every step of the admission process efficiently.
  • Comprehensive Student Management: Register students, track academic information, generate ID cards, and facilitate transfers.
  • Attendance & Grading: Monitor student attendance by subject, manage exams, record marks, and generate reports.
  • Course Management: Enroll students in programs, create and print class/exam routines, and configure grading systems.
  • Fee Management: Manage fees effectively with customizable options for fees, discounts, fines, and receipt generation.
  • Staff Management: Maintain staff records, track attendance, manage payroll, and automate salary generation.
  • Library Management: Manage library members, issue and return books, track inventory with barcodes, and generate library cards.
  • Inventory & Resource Management: Track and manage all your institution’s inventory and resources efficiently.
  • Communication & Notifications: Keep everyone informed with a notice board, email/SMS notifications, and an event calendar.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Generate comprehensive reports across various aspects of your institution.
  • Security & User Roles: Ensure data security with dynamic user roles and permission management.
  • And Much More: Coluni offers a vast array of additional functionalities to cater to your specific needs.


Streamline Your Church Operations with Lionsoft

Welcome to Lionsoft Church Management System, where technology meets faith. Our comprehensive dashboard offers intuitive tools for managing church activities, member information, events, donations, and more. Experience seamless communication with your congregation, efficient volunteer coordination, and insightful analytics to grow your ministry. Empower your church community with our user-friendly platform designed to enhance engagement and foster a stronger, more connected church family.

Visit Lionsoft Church Management System to learn more and get started today!


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